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Customer Service
Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2023

About Cobo

Cobo is a globally trusted leader in digital asset custody solutions.

As the world’s first omni-custody platform, Cobo offers the full spectrum of solutions from full custody, co-managed MPC custody, to fully decentralized custody as well as wallet-as-a-service, advanced DeFi investment tools and an off-exchange settlement network.

Trusted by over 500 institutions with billions in assets under custody, Cobo inspires confidence in digital asset ownership by enabling safe and efficient management of digital assets and interactions with Web 3.0. Cobo is SOC2 Type 1 and Type 2-compliance-certified and licensed in 5 jurisdictions.

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About Job

Job responsibilities:

  1. Support the marketing team in building a global after-sales system.
  2. Help customers solve problems and answer doubts via email or other online chat tools.
  3. Earn and enhance customer trust through online troubleshooting, solution suggestion, etc.
  4. Draft, review, and update user documents.


  1. 1-3 years of customer service experience, blockchain industry experience preferred;
  2. Fluent English skills is a must.
  3. Strong communication skills and logical thinking, highly sensitive to requirements and information analysis as while as communication.
  4. Strong execution and a quick learner.
  5. Good teamwork spirit.
  6. Acceptable to shift work.


  1. 协助市场团队,进行全球市场范围内的售后体系搭建工作
  2. 通过邮件,在线沟通等方式与用户交谈,已解决用户的问题或疑惑
  3. 对用户的问题进行故障排除,推荐解决方案,确保跟进并获得对我们产品的最佳满意度
  4. 起草、审查、维护用户文档


  1. 1至3年客服工作经验,有区块链行业从业经验者优先;欢迎对行业感兴趣的优秀应届毕业生;
  2. 英文流利
  3. 表达能力强,具有较高的语言组织能力与沟通表达能力,善于捕捉客户的有效信息并加以分析;
  4. 较强的执行力和学习能力;
  5. 对市场敏感,思路清晰活跃,逻辑性强;
  6. 具有良好的团队精神,能够在运营目的导向下协调、推动目标快速执行;
  7. 可接受轮班制度;